Wonderful Handcrafted Toys by Sep & August


This year my son was taught the four processes of math using the Oak Meadow Curriculum. We read the introduction about each gnome, and how they each went about their own way to bring jewels to the king (king equal). If you are unfamiliar with this process, I suggest you check it out! Here’s the run-down:

Plus is the greedy green gnome. He always wants more, and more AND more.
Minus is the blue gnome and he is always loosing his jewels or giving them away.
Times is the yellow gnome and he is very fast
Divide is the red gnome and he loves to share & figure things out.

All the gnomes work hard to bring jewels to the king each day.

We created a picture of our gnomes & we learn these processes by storytelling and counting jewels/items together!

Recently, We found a beautiful store on Etsy called Sep & August and they handcraft these very gnomes!
These cute little math gnomes are made of a wood peg base with 100% wool felt embellishments and are approximately 9cm, including hat. This is a set of +, -, ร—, รท, and =. These Gnomes make learning fun & They work great with your own math manipulatives or number gnomes. We’re using ‘jewels’ ๐Ÿ™‚
My boys love ‘playing’ with these and using them during our math stories!

We also got a little gnome for Ashy & some super cute easter ornaments!
Isn’t he a cute little fella?

Here are a few more of my personal favorites from Sep & August:


Sep & August is having an amazing SALE right now so be sure to check out their shop and enter the coupon code: SEPSALE2014 for 15% off. The sale ends March 31st, so be sure to visit them soon!

Happy learning!

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