Duck Feet by Silly Kilili Designs!


Happy Spring, Everyone! It is a beautiful day here in Texas! We spent our day at the library, and then headed to the park for a picnic 🙂
I have a few more activities in mind for when the younger boys wake up, but for now I want to take the time to tell you about an awesome little shop I found on Etsy, while I was searching for cute Easter stuff! They’re called Silly Kilili Designs & they specialize in making web footed slippers!

Ta-Da! Duck feet!
Have you ever seen slippers as cute as these?
Qwack Qwack! Yellow no-slip duck feet slippers are super cozy- you can ask little A! He is very particular about his footwear and really took a liking to these! They are silly, yes, but also practical! Little A couldn’t wait to model them for y’all! ❤
My little duckling!
AND, we got a pair for little L, of course! 😉
He’s been busy chomping on them & I guess I will take that as a sign that he likes ’em 🙂 I will mention that the high-cuff is designed to hug the ankles and comfortably stay on your little one’s feet, so you don’t have to worry about them being too tight or falling off.

Here are a few more goodies from Silly Kilili Designs:

Frog Feet:

Penguin Feet:

Flamingo Feet:

Dinosaur Feet:

These slippers also come in adult sizes 🙂

Have you thought about putting together an easter basket for your little one? A spring present? To get your pair visit Silly Kilili Desgins & be sure to let them know we sent you!

Have a wonderful day-QUACK!

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