Inner Wolf Batik!


Have you ever heard of Batik? Well, Batik is an ancient art form of creating designs on fabric with wax and dyes. Melted wax is applied to cloth before being dipped in dye. Wherever the wax has seeped through the fabric, the dye will not penetrate. Sometimes several colors are used, with a series of dyeing, drying and waxing steps. Thin wax lines are made with a tjanting needle, a wooden handled tool that has a metal cup with a tiny spout, out of which the wax seeps. After the last dyeing, the fabric is boiled to dissolve the wax and reveal the deep rich colors and the fine crinkle lines that give batik its character. NO TWO ARE EVER THE SAME! I have seen this method before, but never as crafty & cute as Inner Wolf Batik!

Inner Wolf Batik is made up husband & wife team- Micha & Shannon Rodgers.
Micha learned the art of batik while following the Grateful Dead. What started out as a way to make it to the next show, soon turned into a passion. Micha met Shannon and fell deeply in love! Now they work together, creating fun, funky, colorful, pieces of wearable batik art sure to satisfy your inner wolf.

All of their designs are inspired by music, nature, Vermont, and the light of their lives- their children Stella and Weylyn. ❤

I think they had me at colorful and funky!!
We received our package from Inner Wolf Batik & Lucca has pretty much been living in these onesies, I love ’em that much. The first one he tried was this Earth Heart print, and I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments he has gotten from it. The inner hippie in me loves it! 😉
This design is hand dyed on a super soft Rabbit Skin onesie and comes in three colors: purple, brown & eggplant
We also tried out their brown “I Love You” onesie!
This onesie is made from organic cotton which is also very soft & comfy! Here’s baby L, spreading the love 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites from Inner Wolf Batik:


To see more from Inner Wolf Batik, you can visit their shop by clicking here. Also, be sure to swing by their Facebook page , show them some love & keep up to date with events, prints & updates!


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