Marie Nohr Designs


I sit here writing this in my Marie Nohr poncho. It is, quite possibly, the most comfortable article of clothing I own.
I was sent this poncho a few weeks back and it was meant to be used as a nursing poncho ( which it works perfectly for) but I have since adopted it as my new favorite article of clothing- nursing or not!
I was immediately drawn to the embellishment on the chest. So beautiful! I must confess though, *whispers* this is my first time wearing a poncho!

I was also a little hesitant on whether or not I would like it because A. I don’t typically cover when I nurse because the usual nursing covers are uncomfortable and awfully boring, stiff, or make both mama and baby too hot and bothered!BUT, this poncho is not like the covers I have used in the past and shouldn’t even be put in the same category!
You can usually find me in a nursing tank with a layered shirt on top, but this poncho makes things much less complicated! I can dress up and feel pretty while I am out and about and nurse as I please, and honestly, I’m not sure anyone would even notice me nursing! So, if you are looking for a descreet way to breastfeeding without compromising your stylish nature, I suggest giving Marie Nohr’s Ponchos’ a whirl!
Fashionable, versatile maternity poncho and full coverage nursing cover. Can be worn throughout all stages of pregnancy over a cami or a long sleeved shirt.
Perfect for a day out or if you need full coverage while you nurse- and even if you don’t nurse!It can also be worn just as a poncho for when you are not pregnant or nursing.Durable, and fits perfectly in the diaper bag! I have found that often times, I will take mine off, and then put it back on when running errands, etc.

Another thing you should probably know about me by now, is that I particularly like multi-use items. This poncho can already be used to make a fashion statement, as a maternity shirt, and a poncho. Well, leave it up to me, to try it as a skirt. Yes, you heard me right! πŸ™‚
Hm, so what do you think?
Marie Nohr designs have skirts in the shop, too, if you aren’t a fan of my poncho skirt πŸ˜‰

Here are a few more awesome items from Marie Nohr that you are sure to love:

These ponchos would make a great gift for a soon to be mother, new mother, or for any boho-hippie lovin’ mama. Trust me on this! ❀ Marie Nohr Designs has convinced me that there is a comfier, more stylish way to run errands and attend events than the typical mom wear: a cami and yoga pants! This is one thing that is worth treating yourself to ❀
To invest in one of these beautiful ponchos' you can visit Marie Noir Designs by clicking here!

Have a lovely day!
Brandi Warren

It’s like wearing yoga pants but not pants and with way more flair. Did I mention I like flair? Funky flair at that.

5 thoughts on “Marie Nohr Designs

  1. Cool find. The poncho looks beautiful on you. My only reservation is that it looks like baby wouldn’t get any air. (paranoid mom here) And, I like your idea for using it as a skirt too.

  2. Definitely in love with your poncho, you look stunning wearing it. πŸ™‚ Marie Noir has some pretty amazing clothing items I definitely need to check them out. πŸ™‚ Love what you posted though.

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