Wiggle Baby Shop


Gloria, owner and operator of Wiggle Baby Shop is a stay at home/work at home mom of an almost 2 year old little girl and another baby girl on the way.

Gloria started sewing as a pre-teen and was taught by her mother. Throughout high school she designed and sewed her own clothing and accessories. She knew she had a passion for creating and wanted it to grow. When time came to go off to college, she was too scared and shy to leave home even though she dreamed of going to fashion school in NYC and becoming a designer. She ended up settling into a career in banking for nearly 9 years and at that time she spent her time sewing & dabbling in other creative outlets. She met my husband in 2006 and they married within 8 months of meeting.

When an opportunity arose in 2011 for her family to move from upstate NY to western NC she was eager to jump on it. She didn’t want any more regrets & decided that after the move she would stay home and pursue her dream of working for herself in a creative field. At the time she was making jewelry and thought that business would take off if she only had more time. Soon after moving she lost her passion for jewelry making though.
Gloria had opened an Etsy shop and half-heartedly tried advertising. Realizing this wasn’t going to work without passion, she made the decision that she needed to go back to work, only to find out we were expecting their first baby.
Since she knew she wanted to stay home once the baby came, she figured it would be silly to look for a job, start it, just to quit in 9 months. So she then started making crafts for the baby’s room and sewing little things again. But, her sewing really picked up once her daughter was born. There were so many things Gloria wanted for her daughter and she just couldn’t find cute and functional items she liked in the big box baby stores. Since she had the skill and knowledge, she figured she would just make her own things. As she started back into sewing, it fulfilled the hole inside her!Gloria was creating and getting to use the things she made every day. Every free moment she had started to be filled up with sewing, and soon she was faced with the decision to slow down with her production or start selling. She choose to start selling. Gloria opened a new Etsy shop, Wiggle Baby, and took her things to a couple boutiques. Her love for sewing has grown over these past couple years and with that a love for fabric. Gloria’s husband decided he would help with this dream and started Wiggle Fabric. Together they have placed their first orders and the fabric is steadily trickling into their new Etsy Shop. You’ll be hearing more about that venture this year!

We paid a visit to Gloria’s new shop Wiggle Baby and have so many nice things to say about it, and hope you will take a gander at it yourself!
We received Wiggle Baby’s precious (and SUPER soft) fleece longies! These are sewn so smooth and nicely, very professional! I love that these are big enough to cover his cloth diapered bum, too. If you have a little one who is cloth diapered, you know how difficult it can be to find pants that fit, without being too big, slouchy, and way too long. These longies have enough space for him to grow length-wise, but do not sag!
Plus, he’s in the scoot stage, so they protect his little knees! He’s a happy camper, and so is this MAMA!
If you plan to cloth diaper or if you are simply in the market for some quality handmade baby pants, I highly suggest you check out Wiggle Baby! They have plenty of unique fabric choices and their prices are very reasonable!

Here are a few of my favorites from Wiggle Baby:

To see more lovely items from Wiggle Baby click here! You can also visit them on Facebook to hear about their new adventures, prints & new items!

We wish you the best of luck on your new adventures, Gloria! We just adore your sweet shop & thank you for sharing your story with us!

Happy Sewing!


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