Mother & Child Paintings by Katie M. Berggren


Katie m. Berggren has been cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America, and her paintings and prints hang in the homes of families in over 37 countries. She absolutely adores her career as a painter and a mother to two little boys.Growing up as youngest in a family of 4 children, Katie relished time & space to explore through writing, drawing and people-watching.
Always interested in the dynamic relationships between those around her, she later narrowed that focus to study the intimacies between mothers and their children.
An internationally recognized and award-winning painter, Katie’s art career began in high school when she launched a pencil-portrait business. Graphic design and illustration took her to Central Washington University where she earned her BFA.
After a brief career in graphic design, Katie was drawn to focus exclusively on painting, vowing to paint everyday. With a constant presence in galleries and shows, and with steady commissions from around the world, Katie is enjoying her career as an artist and mother. The Women Entrepreneurs Organization of Washington has honored Katie as Entrepreneur of the Year, and she was recently cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America.
Katie’s days are spent with her two little boys by her side… at her heels, and running ahead. Each day she strives to balance simple, loving motherhood with the discipline and craft of painting.
The resulting acrylic portraits reflect intimate moments of motherhood through gentle, whimsical compositions and soothing tones.
Outside of her family, taking care of valued collectors and growing a heart-centered business keep Katie going.

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I recently had the opportunity to check out some of Katie’s artwork and I am in awe! As a mother of three boys myself, I feel like Katie does an excellent job capturing the emotion of a mother with her children. The love, and snuggles. The protection and peace a child feels when he/she is with their mother. The connection & bond. Katie captures it all so perfectly!
Katie Berggren has a wide variety of prints from breastfeeding to baby wearing and can create a custom painting for you and your family’s special moments.
She also has a reward program that gives you points when you make purchases through her online studio shop.You can learn more about the rewards program by clicking here!

After falling completely in love with her work, I found out that Katie recently did artwork for Mama’s Milkies, Written by Stephanie Craft. Mama’s Milkies is a tender story written about a full term breastfeeding child. Follow the little toddler through the day as they wake and play, read, sing and finally drift off to sleep. All the while knowing that mommy still has “Milkies” when they feel like nursing. The illustrator has painted a gender neutral child so that both boys and girls can relate to the child in the pictures. You can buy this sweet book on Amazon for only $17.96! I am going to be getting a copy of my own as soon as possible!

Here are a few more of my favorites from Katie M. Berggren:


To see what Katie is up to now, be sure to swing by her Facebook Page and say “hello”! I’m sure she would love to hear from you all & hear about your most cherished moments!

Which is your favorite piece by Katie M. Berggren?

Cherish these sweet times, friends!

Much love & light-

4 thoughts on “Mother & Child Paintings by Katie M. Berggren

  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I do not have art work in my house because its all so over whelming but I would have these. Just beautiful!

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