Cards, Baby Clothes & Gifts by Karmabee!


For as long as Karen Berelowitz can remember, she has always been a doodler!

Her school notes were buried between expanding margins of faces & shapes, and throughout 12 years of an international development career, her notepads were covered with spirals & eyeballs. In 2007, Karen went to work at a holistic institute, and found that when her brain was distracted by wacky esoteric discussions, her drawings got more inspired.

A friend gave Karen a set of make-your-own postcards, and when people commented on them, she ventured into a local arts fair, and began printing those very designs on notecards. At the time Karen also sold photos of her and her sister’s, and named the new enterprise Karmabee, a combination of their names.

When Karen realized how much she enjoyed running her little business, she then expanded into silkscreening her designs on baby clothes and tees, doing custom logos, selling in local stores, and making whatever else she could think of. In 2011, Karen opened a studio and store in Kingston, NY, where she continued to doodle her little heart out!

When I heard Karen’s story, it reminded me of my highschool years & how I could easily be found pencil/pen in hand, doodling away in my beaded journal. I would sketch my then boyfriend’s band, watercolor my favorite lake overlook, and the book was full of more mandalas I could count! Little did I know what a mandala was then, I just knew I felt so relaxed and content in my little doodle world.
Needless to say, I fell in love with Karmabee almost instantly! When our order arrived, I couldn’t wait to show my husband the cute design & try it on baby L!
Karmabee kids unisex tees are 100% cotton made in the USA by American Apparel. silkscreened designs in black, and they are fully machine-washable.Available in kids tee sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12!
I love the color contrast between the vibrant colors & black. I have already had so many people ask where we got the shirt from ! Karmabee, guys! Not your run-of-the-mill shop! 😀 ❤
His expression cracks me up! It’s almost the same face the monkey is making! 😉

Here are some of my favorites from Karmabee:


Karmabee also desgins notecards that come with envelopes in sets of 10 or in custom sets made from any designs in their shop at no extra cost. Individual cards and other quantities are available too!

Karmabee also carries gift items such as prayer flags, wine corks and jewelry!

To see more of Karmabee’s shop you can click here, or visit them at where you can sign-up for their monthy newsletter! Be sure to swing by Karmabee’s Facebook page as well to hear about new designs, sales & more!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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