One of a Kind Clothing by Meli Melon


We recently stumbled upon one of the cutest shops on Etsy called Meli Melon! Ran by Gemma, from Manchester, England, Meli Melon is a colorful shop full of unique handmade clothing that is made with a dash of sunshine and whole lot of love!

Gemma was born in Barcelona, a beautiful mediterranean Spanish city.
There she studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design at the University, and has been working as a freelance designer for over 10 years (a very stressful job!!!) When Gemma’s second daughter was born, she decided to be a full time mom and stay at home, painting and sewing, her favorite hobbies!

When she was a little girl, she spent hours watching her mother sew dresses for her older sisters and herself. Every single dress was special, unique, and made with lots of love. She left them five years ago and it was then that Gemma became the new owner of her sewing machine and her vintage fabrics collection! Before she knew it, she was sewing her own handmade dresses her 2 daughters.

With much encouragement, Gemma opened up Meli Melon on Etsy, where she sells her one of a kid’s clothing items!

We were dying to see what Meli Melon was all about and before we knew it, we had a beautiful package at our doorstep with one of Gemma’s pillowcase dresses & onesies inside! How exciting!
It was like Christmas! Gemma had our order all wrapped up & sent along a sweet message thanking me for the order! ❤
Unwrapped, our dress & onesies came nicely folded in these bags!
I couldn’t wait to try baby L’s onesie on! Organic cotton short sleeved baby onesie in brown navy blue, customized with a hand embroidered applique featuring their lovely puppy, a Jack Russell Terrier named “CIGRÓ” (that means chick pea or garbanzo). If you have a puppy too in your family, maybe you would prefer to customize the onesie with a drawing of it. If so, send Meli Melon a message with a photo of your dog, and she’ll design a unique onesie for your baby! Other colors and sizes avaiable too.
Among Meli Melon’s line of trendy one of a kind clothing, are her ever so vibrant & fashionable pillow case dresses! This handmade dress is made with a 100% cotton japanese fabric with colourful floral traditional asian pattern over a red background. It has a wide ruffle at the bottom hem, embellished with crochet lace trim. You can adjust the length of the straps, made with bias tape, by making a bow at the shoulders of the dress. An elastic band has been gathered inside the chest seems for an easy dressing.
This dress is perfect for my little niece who is always on the go! It’s a really comfortable, fresh & ideal for a hot and sunny day!

Here are more of my favorites from Meli Melon that I just know you guys & gals are going to love:


You can visit Meli Melon’s shop by clicking here!

You can also visit Gemma at Meli Melon:
& her blog!

So, what will you choose from Meli Melon?

Have a bright a colorful day!


6 thoughts on “One of a Kind Clothing by Meli Melon

  1. I wish all clothes were one of a kind! As an artist myself I really appreciate the time that goes into a craft. I checked out/faved her Etsy and everything on there was so cute!

  2. Guess who just fell in love with a new Etsy Shop?! How adorable are these designs, and your little guy on that puppy onesie just melts my heart he is SOOOO cute!

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