Soft Soled Shoes by Sole Kicks!

Sole Kicks is a family of four striving to make the world a kickin’ place one sole at a time!
Ran by owner Zac Jurewicz, Sole Kicks carries a variety handcrafted shoes made here in the U.S.A!

Their designs are one of a kind, and we were so excited to give them a go! Our package shipped directly from Sole Kick’s shop & arrived in a timely manner! 🙂
These shoes are crafted with a red color leather and yellow stitching thread. The hand cut inlaid lightning bolts are crafted with quality yellow leather.
The soles are a natural tan suede leather, which are soft, flexible, breathable, and add a little extra grip for those beginner walkers. The shoe backings around the ankles have enclosed elastic, allowing the shoes to slide on easier and will comfortably stay on those wee feet.
Footwear can be wiped or cleaned with a moist or wet cloth. Immersing in water is not recommended.
They are the perfect solution to keeping baby’s socks on and are easy to get on and off in a hurry! We have used soft soled shoes for each of our wee ones and believe it is the next best thing to going barefoot making them the best shoe for pre-walkers & new walkers!
The best way to choose which size you will need is to measure your little one’s footsie. Ideally, measure each foot while standing up. Measure from the heel to the biggest toe. Remember to factor in wiggle room when measuring. A little more than a centimeter (or about ½ inch) is recommended for proper fit and to allow for growth. If you are unsure of which size to order, order the next larger size.
We were very impressed with the quality of our shoes, the durability & the communication with Sole Kicks. They are rockin’ it!

Even though our little dude isn’t walking yet, he is starting to pull up on everything and is slowly making tracks. These shoes are great for this stage as his feet are protected, yet they do not bother him as he scoots around. Plus, when he is big enough to walk, I won’t have to worry about him slipping because the bottoms will provide the grip we are looking for! 😀

I would recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking for a first pair of shoes for their little crawler, new walker, or busy toddler! These shoes would make a great gift for moms-to-be or just because!

Here are a few more of my favorites by Sole Kicks:


To see more from Sole Kicks click here & be sure to let Zac know we sent you!

Which pair is your favorite?!

Have a great week!!

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