Sheepy Shoes – Keeping little toes happy, 10 at a time!


Owner of Sheepy Shoes, Jen Root, comes from a long line of crafters & has really impressed us with her “all seasons” cashmere & wool shoes for little ones! Unlike any other shoe bizz we’ve found, she’s created a shoe that is not only going to stay on baby’s feet, but they’re going to stay warm (or not-so -warm depending on the season & choice of material) AND your little one is going to look great in the meantime! All of these things equal one happy baby!

We decided to try out Sheepy Shoes & after much thought, we went for the rainbow pair. Go figure, right? I’m a gal with a love for color, what can I say?!
All items are gift boxed, and you get free gift wrap and card enclosure on request! *LOVE*
Baby booties handmade from soft upcycled wool and cashmere sweaters. Fully lined in cuddly fleece. Gentle elastic around ankle. This pair is rainbow lambswool with red cashmere 🙂
They are soft, and easy to put on, yet the will STAY on until you are ready to take them off. If you have little ones, you know all too well how much they like to kick and pull their shoes off!
Size 0-6 mo booties have wool soles. Bigger sizes have white 100% cotton gripper soles to help your little one toddle around without slipping!

Here are a few of my Sheepy Shoe Favorites:

Also, for UT fans who might want to think ahead for their little is a one of a kind pair you are going to love:
Any of these sweet booties are going to wow, and are sure to get some oohhhs & ahhs! They are just TOO cute! Perfect for gifting & would make a wonderful baby shower gift!<3

To see more comfy, baby-licious shoes from Sheepy Shoes you can visit their shop by clicking here!

Happy Baby, Happy Mama!

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