One-Of-A-Kind Designs by Kooky Baby!


Kooky Baby is owned & operated by Sarah Larkin from Johnson City, Tennessee.
She has sewn practically her WHOLE life & when she was little, her mom, a seamstress, would put her to work on her projects–turning sewn pieces, laying out and cutting patterns, helping her pick out notions, etc. Over the years,
Sarah’s own sewing centered around altering her own and friends’ clothing.

Once she gave birth to a daughter of her own, she would go over and over things she would like for her to have, but couldn’t find anywhere. Sarah wanted to make something fun and different and also good quality! Sarah has always been complimented on her unique style, and she felt it was about time to put it it to work!

Over the last couple years working on Kooky Baby, Sarah has really been able to refine just what she loves making. In addition to something a little different and that’s good quality, Sarah has been focusing on practicality, with great results! She loves making these clothes and all that she has learned in doing so!

Not long after starting Kooky Baby, Sarah was reminded of how she used to wrap bed sheets and curtains and tablecloths around her little sister, pinning them with safety and clothes pins and making her model her “gowns” for her. Funny how it seems that maybe she knew, even all those years ago, that what she would really like to be doing: making children’s clothes!

After finding Sarah’s funky little shop and hearing her story, I new I wanted to see what her designs were all about first hand! I have always been a fan of mixed-matched items, and couldn’t be any happier with Sarah’s creative rompers & shirts!
Constructed from pre-shrunk, light- to mid-weight cotton jersey, and fun pattern mixing, and lots of metal snaps…you won’t believe how simple it is for your guy to look and feel his best all summer long!!
This suit is lightweight and will be perfect for Summer! Plus, the snaps on the top make changing outfits a breeze. Seriously, why don’t all baby clothes have snaps on top of the sleeves? Best idea ever!
This is a custom design, so you can mix & match your favorite fabrics!
You won’t find shortalls, rompers & shirts like these anywhere else! With Summer well on it’s way, they are a wise/quality investment at a great price!

Here are a few of my Favs from Kooky Baby:


To see more from Kooky Baby click here and be sure to say hello to Sarah for us!

Also, be sure to swing by Kooky Baby’s Facebook & show them some lovin’!

So what will your little one be wearing this Summer from Kooky Baby??!

Much love-

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