Truly Sanctuary


We recently had the opportunity to try out some amazing tee’s from Truly Sanctuary & I have been nearly bursting at the seams to tell you guys all about it! Owners Ron & Beth are an offbeat couple who have claimed they have escaped the rat race just in time! Their unique designs are one-of a-kind and reflect their priorities & lifestyle!

This shirt couldn’t be any more perfect for my 3 year old, who started hiking with daddy when he was just a little under two years old! He’s a sharp boy, who spends most of his time in nature, and he loves to help his papaw fix things! This picture was taken outside in the pasture by the piles of mulch the family is using for the garden. Much to our surprise, a strong, and beautiful poppy grew right out of the mulch!
Sunshine, Mountains, Trees…Yes Please!
This shirt is made from 100% cotton and is perfect for little people on the go!
We also got a shirt for baby Lucca, Truly Sanctuary’s “Life is But a Dream” tee! I love this one of a kind design & thought it fit Lucca’s laid-back, happy-go-lucky personality perfectly!
Up a Creek Without a Paddle? Float Along Merrily in this soft, 100% Cotton Life Is But A Dream, Row Your Boat Themed Toddler Tee!

These tees would make a perfect baby shower gift, first birthday or party favors!

Here are a few of my Favorites from Truly Sanctuary:

(Who doesn’t LOVE Bill Murray?!!?)

You can get any of these designs printed on your choice/color tee & they have over 10 colors to choose from!

To see more from Truly Sanctuary click here & be sure to let them know Lotus Be Barefoot sent ya!


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