One-of-a-Kind Wetbags by M&J 34!


So, as most of you know, I have been trying my hardest to bring you all the best of the best when it comes to cloth diapering. I have shown you my stash shots, information on cloth wipes & how to use them, along with products that are safe to use on or in addition to cloth diapering. Garments and more!

BUT, Today I really want to talk about what you do with the diapers once they are taken off, and let’s face it, not everyone has the time to rinse each diaper after each diaper change. Well, after much research and window-shopping, I found THE BEST wetbags by M&J 34! I decided that in order to make my laundry days easier & hassel free, I needed to hunker down and check these wetbags out STAT!

So here is what we got:
Our package from M&J 34 arrived within a couple of days after ordering, and came nicely folded and wrapped ready for gifting.
Look at this bag! Is any other cloth mama geeking out right now, or just me? We picked the colorful , foxy printed bag & yes, my “What Does The Fox Say” loving boys are a fan too!

So, here’s the scoop:
This bag is big enough to fit almost 2 days of diapers !!! So what is with the triangles on the top? All of the wet bags M&J 34 owner,Mary Knuth saw out there had either a hanging strap in the center of the bag or at the corner. Both of those positions don’t make it easy to unzip the bag with your hands full & when she would go to chenge baby, she would often forget to unzip the bag before taking the diaper off her wiggly baby leaving her standing there with a handful of dirty diaper and nowhere to put it. With this bag you can pinch the zipper with a finger or two, then loop a pinky in the zipper pull, whew!
The triangle shaped fabric at the top holds the corners of the bags up and keeps the zipper flat.

At the very top is a snap so you can hang your bag anywhere. Doorknob, hook, chair, closet rod, anywhere close to your changing table. Then when your bag is all full, just carry it down to your washer, unzip, dump diapers into the washer, and throw the bag in there with the diapers. You never have to touch anything. We see enough dirty diapers, we don’t need to revisit them going into the washer!

These bags are flawless, guys. The best out there & I have seen my fair share of wetbags. So why is it important to get a quality bag like this one? Well, you want something that is going to hold up. These bags are on-point and will not leave you wishing you just settled for some regular bag. These, my friends, are the cream of the crop! They are going to save you on your busy days, and you can snap them anywhere.

These bags are even great for those of you who don’t have cloth diapers to change. You can use these in the kitchen, or snap them in your bathroom if you use family wipes. These bags can be taken on camping trips, or packed in your bag for post-swimming outfit changes.

You can get your very own for only $45!

Here are a few more charming items from M&J 34:

From one mom to another:
It’s items like these that help us achieve our goal to cloth diaper while keeping our sanity in tact!

To see more prints & designs, you can visit M&J 34 by clicking here!


Be sure to swing by M&J 34’s Facebook page & show some love!

Have a great Monday!


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