Techno Babies- Colorful Clothes For Babies


We were searching everywhere for comfy clothing that would fit baby Lucca & his cloth diapered bum, and finally came across an amazing little shop called Techno Babies!

Techno Babies features brightly colored clothes and accessories for their babies and toddlers who like to party. Whether they’re bouncing in their jumperoo or dancing to ambient music in the grocery store, babies need to cut loose!

We found they carried those infamous slouch pants that grow with baby throughout the years & decided to ask owner, Lindsay Beck to give us the run-down on these one-of-a-kind pants!

Soon, enough, a pair of Techno Babies’ pants were at our doorstep & I couldn’t wait to try them on the little guy!
We selected the “Preppy Puppy” print, but the decision was not easy, their are too many cute prints to choose from!
These are a large size monster bunz pattern in a luxe fit. The pants are made of organic cotton knit from Nosh. They feature a shimmery knit stripe accents on the bum, waist and legs. These pants fit from 12 months to a year. The leg and waist cuffs can be worn rolled up to fit smaller sizes and unrolled for taller kids.
I love that this fabric is so soft and allows my now very active crawler to get where he wants without any restriction. If you are new to cloth diapering or plan to, you are going to want to invest in a pair of these pants! Unlike store bought pants, these are designed to fit over your cloth baby’s bum & look good in the meantime,however, You do not need to cloth diaper to own a pair, as these are meant to fit your baby for a long period of time and will look just as cute on a non-cloth diapered bum!

If you are looking for quality pants that will allow baby to move freely, with room to grow, I highly suggest giving a pair of Techno Babies’ quality slouch pants a go! And, get this, they are priced at an amazing $22 a pair.

Here are a few other cute slouch pants by Techno Babies:


To see more lovely items from Techno Babies click here & be sure to let Lindsay know we sent you!


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