Cheerful Children’s Organic Tees by Kristinability!


Owner & operator of Kristinability, lives with her husband and two teenaged boys in Highlands, North Carolina, USA. (they also have a donkey named Strawberry, but that is another story).
Kristinability is named after her (Kristina) + Sustainability.

Like us, they love organics, and feel that it is extremely important that we all do our best to treat the earth well. Organically grown cotton is one way to promote sustainability. A big way!
So, the purpose of her shop is wrapped around the basic concept of just that: treating the earth well.

A powerful saying from a Native American tribe, the Oglala Sioux, speaks volumes:

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors.”

“We borrow it from our children.”

Kristina thought it would be amazing to create a super fun, colorful, happy, line of clothing with organics at the core. She has an incredibly talented brother, a collage artist, who agreed to collaborate with her on the designs. His name is Nick Hanzlik, also known as R. Nichols. His collage images are brimming with joy, freedom, humor, movement, love…the list goes on and on. What he can create with a pair of Fiskars and some colored paper is beyond words!

We fell in love with Kristinability’s Green shop & wanted to share it with all of our eco-friendly friends out there!
We received one of our many favorites, The Manatee shirt! It was designed by R. Nichols & is a part of Kristinability’s Lagoon Collection ❤
Hooray for soft organic kids’ tee shirts and manatees!
Screen-printed manatee on organic cotton using water based inks and eco-friendly dyes. Who doesn’t love manatees?!
Did I mention it’s HOT here already? This shirt is lightweight, making it perfect for those hot Summer days & We thought there was no better way to feature this shirt than to pair it up with his swim trunks! 😉 Cute as can be!
Oh, and it’s made from simple, Earth friendly materials so we couldn’t be happier with this rad tee!

You can get one for your little cutie for just $24!

Here are some of my favorites from Kristinability:


We thank Kristinabilty for their efforts to provide thoughtful organic & eco-friendly tees for our tots! It’s always awesome to see those that are so devoted and committed to supporting a greener way of life. It’s inspiring! 🙂

To see more from Kristinability click here & be sure to let her know I sent you!

Have a great week!


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