Clothes for Littles by Dainty Dupa!


As many of you may know, my 8 month old is huge and I’m tired of buying pants that he outgrows in height before he ever fits the waist. He’s a bit over 22 lbs & the cloth diaper really adds to all that bulk. Well, lucky for me, I found a cute little shop called Dainty Dupa & they specialize in super cute & affordable ways to cover baby’s booties!

Ran by Cassie Gorski, Dainty Dupa is not your average clothing shop! Each piece is designed with great precision, care & from the heart!

We have seen our fair share of Maxaloones pants, but I was so pleased to find some Maxaloones shorts. These type pants/shorts are designed to grow with your baby, and typically fit over cloth (or non-cloth) perfectly! I was very impressed by Cassie’s shop Dainty Dupa & could not wait to try some of her handmade shorties on baby Luc!

Everything came perfectly packaged ready for gifting!
We got a pair of toy box (toy story inspired) supa dupa pants in size large (3/6m-3y). Supa dupa shorts are shorts that are adjustable so that they fit for much longer then conventional shorts. The circle on the dupa (bum) allows room for cloth diapers but fits just as well if you do not use cloth. They are adorable either way!
So cute!!
The waistband and leg cuffs can be rolled, which allows longer use! These pants stay up unlike baby leg warmers, which are constantly falling off, and they are also awesome for babywearing. The wide seat keeps the pants from creeping up and you can easily unroll the legs while baby is in a carrier to keep their legs from getting cold.

Here is an example of what Dainty Dupa’s pants like when they are unrolled & rolled. The shorts are the same idea, except, well, shorter! 😉

Dainty Dupa carries a variety of fabrics & can match with any fabrics in her shop!

Here are a few of my favorites from Dainty Dupa:


These items are a fantastic buy for those who are looking to invest in a solid pair of shorts or pants for your littles. Let’s all face it, as parents we have enough to worry about, and it’s the small things like this that make life just a little simpler for us all! I wish I have known about this style pants/shorts when I had my other babies, they could have really come in handy!

You can purchase some for your littles for $20-$26! Remember, these grow with your baby so this is a great investment!

To see more from Dainty Dupa, click here & be sure to let Cassie know we sent ya!


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