Modern Baby & Child Products by Little Wolf Design!


Hip at Heart artist, Roslyn Wolfe created Little Wolf Designs in December 2010 when her parents gave her a sewing machine for her 30th birthday! Roslyn put high energy and free time to good use and POOF creativity took over. She feels that her cutie pies are one in a million and they should have items around them that are beautiful and unique. Roslyn has always been a fan of clean + simple + fresh designs & does a great job of providing just that in her sweet little shop, Little Wolf Design!

I’m not sure I can count on both hands how many friends of mine are pregnant at this time, so you can probably imagine the amount of baby shower gift shopping I have been doing lately. Sure, I have my own little babe, but it is always so much fun to shop for others; especially baby girls, something I thoroughly enjoy as a mother of three boys! But whether you are looking for boy or girl, Little Wolf Design has something for you, promise!

When I found Little Wolf Design, I fell in love with their cozy handmade blankies! We received one of our own, and it is now our go-to blanket for naps & road trips!

Our one of a kind blanket arrived in wrapping with sweet thank you card. It arrived in great time and the blanket was just as pictured! 🙂
This super soft cotton flannel receiving Snuggle blanket is a fresh and modern take on the traditional baby/toddler product.
Size approximately 34″ x 42″. This is a perfect size for a crib, stroller throw or tummy time for your little toddler. This super soft blanket is handmade with 2-LAYERS of cotton flannel and cotton thread. This is a great gift for a little one to grow with.
It’s reversible and easy to wash. I’m not sure which side is my favorite, as they are both awesome; and it is something that you will find in all of their products!

I recommend these lovely blankies to anyone who is looking to provide mom-to-be with the ultimate soft blanket for baby! These are very durable and will out live your typical receiving blanket, and are stylish, too!

Here are a few of my favorites from Little Wolf Design:


To see more handmade goodies by Little Wolf Design, pay Rosyln and visit by clicking here!

Cuddle up, friends!


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