Layered + Long


Hey there, pretty ladies! I have been holding back some excitement about a new shop I found & finally get to share it with you all today! It’s a beautiful shop full of handcrafted jewelry called Layered + Long!

Owner and operator of Layered + Long, Chrissy Lavdovsky, used to own a clothing boutique in Victoria, BC Canada called Style Bridge where she made bikinis, dresses and jewelry. One of her best selling items were her hand-made necklaces, and I can see why! After finding Layered + Long, It was only a matter of time before I added just about her whole collection to my favorites!

Are you ready?!! ❤
My necklace came in a gift box, wrapped in tissue paper, with care instructions and the cutest little thank you card

It’s the little things y’all 🙂
Here it is, one of Layered + Long’s raw crystal necklaces! So simple, yet stunning. Rustic, Understated Luxury. You can choose from quality 14k gold fill, rose gold fill or sterling silver chain. I chose 18″ 14k gold fill.
I LOVE the amethyst I got, but as you can see, there are a few options to choose from!

– Rose Quartz
– Amethyst
– Light Apatite
– Medium Neon Apatite
– Small Neon Apatite


These babies are 100% natural, no dyes involved and that alone is what makes these so beautiful! You can purchase one for just $31, which makes them a great gift for the holidays!

Here are a few of my favorite items from Layered + Long:

Perfect Bridesmaids necklaces:


These beauties:


Personalized gold bar bracelets:



Crystal point necklaces:


For that layered look:


and so many more that I really could just fill this page! LOL My advice, is to head over to her shop & check out all the goodies for yourself!

My favorite thing about these necklaces, is that they can be paired with an assortment of other necklaces, or alone & they can be worn with any outfit. I absolutely LOVE natural pieces and can’t wait to see what Layered + Long comes up with next!

I am so pleased with the business! Chrissy is super sweet and I just adore this shop!

You can check out Layered + Long here, and don’t forget to swing by their Facebook page and show some lovin’!

Have a beautiful day!



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