Clay Pots by Wearable Clay!


I’ve nixed the perfumes and hair dyes (it’s almost been 4 years since I’ve dyed my hair!) and traded all that jazz for essential oils and herbal infusions. My hair feels so healthy and soft, and my allergies are minimal.

One thing I will always love though, is discovering fun new businesses like Wearable Clay, that offer natural products that allow me and my loved ones to still enjoy scented items, but in a wholesome, healthy way!

So, who is Wearable Clay? Wearable Clay is an awesome little shop I found on Etsy, that started by Carrie-Anne Abernethy by near accident about 22 years ago. As Carrie-Anne was discovering her new passion for wheel throwing, her stubbornness got the better of her. She was determined to make something with that original lump of clay sitting before her eyes. After at least 10 tries, Carrie-Anne sat staring at the tiniest pot that ever existed, and that is how Minipots came to be.


We were SO excited when our clay pots arrived! They came so nicely packaged and wrapped in bubble wrap to keep them safe just in case!


We received two very beautiful clay pot necklaces. One, green, and the other, blue. Both so nice and uniquely designed!


DSC04347So, why do I like these so much? As a mother of three children these are a nice, pretty little luxury to have, my dears! Think of it this way, I have my clay pot around my neck and anytime I need to relax, I can open up my lavender-filled pot and take a moment to gather myself!

Great for Stocking Stuffers! Aromatherapy, clay pot necklace diffusers. Many shapes, many colours! All hand thrown on the potter’s wheel. No two are alike. there are so many designs and colors to choose from, too!

LENGTH of Cord:
approx. 12 inches – resizable to shorter lengths

beautiful braided black nylon, 1/16th inch thick

majority are magnetic (number one choice by buyers), others are toggle and a few twist. Please let Carrie-Anne know if you have a preference.

range in colors and textures

most are silver plated, a few with bronze gold or black color wire.

Small gift bag or box
Product Tag
Adjustable length.
Fun colours.
Glazed with accented wire and beads.

Here are some more clay pots from the lovely, Wearable Clay:





I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a fun new ( and uber useful!) way to use their essential oils, someone who doesn’t want to carry around glass containers of essential oils in their bags, and those that are looking for a great gift this season for someone who loves making their own blends!

These are even great for those who don’t use essential oils.

You can also use these pots for:

AromaPots – aromatherapy, oils, perfumes
KeepPots – small treasures and keepsakes, such as snippet of child’s first haircut
PillPots – discreetly hold your daily medication where you’ll not forget it!
ToothPots – a special place to hold your child’s tooth, both in anticipation of loosing it and under the pillow for safe keeping.

These cute pots retail for just $18.10!

Be sure to check out the full shop by clicking here & let Carrie-Anne know we sent ya!

Have a beautiful day!


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