Colorful Creations by Blooming Enamels!


If you are looking for pieces that have a bohemian feel with a dash of color, Blooming Enamels has something for you! We had a blast working with Melissa, owner of Blooming Enamels and got the chance to see her work first hand!
Melissa has always craved and loved arts and crafts & no matter what else she was doing in life, she was always dreaming up some “artsy-craftsy” thing to do on the side. She’s inspired by the “down-to-earthness” of it, the authenticity of it, and the sense of soul and spirit that goes into it. Working on something she’s creating takes her to an honest place and grounds her — and, as a bonus, she says it always puts her in a better mood! I love her work and love her attitude! I think that it is easy to see the joy and love radiating from work that was created with passion and love and her work is certainly an example of that!

” The raw materials of copper, powdered glass and a flame all come together to make so much more — it makes beauty — and for me, anything that makes beauty is magical. I see my creations as magic, in the form of the beauty of color. Working on them, and wearing them, liven up and brighten up my day… ” -Melissa from Blooming Enamels

Melissa also wrote that creating is magical and as an artist myself, I can relate on so many levels. It’s my happy place, it’s freedom to connect yourself with your thoughts and release that special something that dwells within your soul.

Our package from Blooming Enamels arrived quick and I was surprised by the super cute packaging! What a nifty idea! All of our items came delicately wrapped in tissue paper inside these canisters!
I just had to get the lotus flower pendant! Melissa made the copper enamel necklace by hand forging both the copper flower and the copper disc and then preparing them for the torch. She enameled each piece separately and then carefully fused them together so they are sturdy and secure. This pendant has a pleasing white bloom fused to a blue “lily pad” disc with a light yellow button for the eye of the flower. Just darling!
Next, the earrings! Oh, the earrings! These precious earrings are simple and I love that I can wear them with just about anything! Earthy, with a rustic feel.
And last but not least, the spirit necklace! This piece is a part of Melissa’s inspirational line within Blooming Enamels that feature an array of uplifting messages like:


Here are a few more fab items from Blooming Enamels:

And really, so many great items for gifting! To see more from Blooming Enamels click here & be sure to let Melissa know I sent you!

Blooming Enamels has so many great pieces so I had a really hard time figuring out my favorites! Which are your favorites?! I would love to know!


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