Day 4 Recap & Day 5!

The night before day 4, I was unable to get much rest, but much to my surprise, my energy levels were high! I started off the day with eggs and veggies for breakfast, with a little bit of leftover venison chili. This kept me energized all throughout my short 4 hour work day, that started at 6:30 am! While at work, I remembered that I could have 8 oz. of kombucha, and decided to snag a Brew Dr.! I chose, “Love”! This particular kombucha does not have any added fruit or juices, but it is infused with some of my favorite herbs: lavender, chamomile & jasmine!


I poured myself about 8 oz. and gave the rest to the hubby!

While I was at work, the husband was using more bone broth to make a huge chicken soup. It has all the goodies like a chicken noodle soup would have but absolutely no noodles!  The green stuff, is fresh parsley..


Very filling and delicious!

For dinner, a big ole’ salad with Spicy Avocado dressing! I found the recipe for this in Paleo Magazine, the Best recipes edition. AND, it’s 21dsd approved!


To me,It tastes like a healthier version of the green sour cream/cilantro dip you can order at Chuy’s.

The biggest difference I noticed in day 4: The bloating is GONE. Just gone! I didn’t even realize how much of an impact all that bloating had on me! I feel so light and energized!

Also, my sugar cravings are  minimal, and I do not feel jittery or the “flu-ish ” symptoms like before. I feel like I’m on the upside of this detox!

Day 5 (That’s today!)and the first day of the actual detox according to the 21dsd page. I had every intention of starting on the 5th, but I was just READY on the 1st. So, I went for it. Chances are, I will still do the full 21 days of no sugar with the group, leaving me with 25 days of no sugar.

(Day 5)  I originally planned to make some buffalo chicken muffins (21dsd approved) BUT I was really craving an omelet with that green sauce, so that was breakfast.

I prepped my brisket using this recipe and it’s been in there for two hours, 4-6 more to go! I’m hoping it turns out as good as I’m hoping it will!

I ate leftover chicken soup for lunch and it was even better than yesterday. YUM! I also realized that my bananas aren’t as green as before, so  I passed on those. I might have a green apple with almond butter later, we’ll see.

So how do I feel??

I am noticing that the sugar cravings are starting to fade off, and no more headaches.  Day 1 and Day 2 were hard because I found myself thinking about sugary snacks , whereas now, I don’t think about it. Looking forward to a green banana with almond butter is a big progress for me. I’m excited to report that the food I am eating is sustaining me and keeping me happy and reaching for healthy snack options.

I didn’t feel the need to nap when the boys did today, because of all the ENERGY! It’s proof that making healthy choices in the kitchen will make it easier to work out. In fact, I wish I could go run right now! But, since the boys are napping, I am going to try out some living room kick-boxing. LOL – WHO is this girl?!!!

Oh, and still no bloating! I feel great, guys. The meal planning has been a fun adventure and I cannot wait to see what my family members and friends (on 21dsd) are cooking up!

If you have a 21dsd recipe you love and would like to share, I would love to hear about it and give it a shot!

Much love!


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