21 Day Sugar Detox: Day 7 recap & Day 8

Yesterday was my Day 7 on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, and while I wanted nothing more than to get up and congratulate myself for making it ONE FULL WEEK without sugar, I also happened to wake up with a gnarly crick in my back making it real hard to do anything! Bah- humbug! I am chalking it up to a good nights rest, as I slept good and hard that night. I stretched, and felt much better, so I was still able to complete my workout, and go throughout the day without much pain- but it was still uncomfortable and all I really wanted to do was lay down and feel better. So then I thought, now might be a good time to try out an herbal remedy. Perhaps put my education to good use! I decided to whisk out my comfrey and make myself a compress & boy did that help!


Day 7 was another energetic day, yet somewhat hard to power through working at a grocery store. My will power is very strong, but every now and then I would find myself thinking about a piece of ginger or lavender dark chocolate. When I would have those thoughts, I would remind myself that I will be able to have dark chocolate soon, and when I do I need to find a way to manage not eating a whole freaking chocolate bar.Gotta prepare! So, my plan is to then remind myself that the slightest bit of sugar can wreak havoc, and cause a chain reaction of sugar addiction. It’s true for me, maybe it’s true for you, too. Either way, sugar addiction is real, y’all. It’s all about will power, balance and moderation, I’m learning.

I am serious about trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible and this whole process has really made more aware of my body and how it functions on and off of sugar. I can focus better, no brain fog or anxiety and I just feel of top of it. I feel  motivated and healthy. I feel as good as I did in high school, and at that time I was very active and possibly the healthiest I’ve ever been, until now. The bloating is still gone, and I feel as if my body is working to repair the damage I’ve done to it. I’m excited, and deep inside my chest I am bursting with energy. I’m still in awe by it, actually! 🙂

So today, day 8, I woke up craving greens but didn’t crave meat of any kind. I skipped the meat and went for the greens. Full of energy, I cleaned my house, and repaired a few things all before 9:30 am. Then a few hours later, cooked up some grass fed beef with my own taco seasoning recipe and threw together a 21dsd taco salad! I squeezed fresh organic lemon juice on top as a dressing, although the spicy avocado dressing I made earlier this week would have been perfect for this; it’s too bad it’s long gone!


This salad was delicious & it is keeping my belly very happy, and full! The boys loved it , too!

I keep thinking about the 1 green apple I can have, but I’m not craving it. This makes me wonder about my relationship with sugar and how I am mentally attached to the taste long before I actually want it. Do I really want that apple now? No. Why then do I keep thinking about it?

Now, normally green apples taste so bitter to me, but I  am definitely developing a new appreciation for them! LOL. They’re tart and SWEET, if your palate hasn’t been ruined by gobbling down any sugar, all sugar, anytime. Because let’s face it, sugar is in nearly everything I Sugar certainly seems to have a psychological impact on me, that’s for sure. This realization has helped me notice when I crave sugar, all of which are a collection of many emotions and actions that are mine, or are happening around me.

In the long run, noticing these little craving can and will help me eliminate sugar more and more. So, I’m going to continue to listen to my body and what it’s trying to tell me. 🙂

Anyway, tonight I’m making salmon with some veggies! We haven’t had fish on the 21dsd yet, so I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

I’ll update as the day progresses!

Much love & light,


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