21 Day Sugar detox Update

Day 11:The last few days have been pretty hectic, so I apologize for not updating you guys! For the most part, my energy level is high considering my cycle began. I’ve noticed that I am less crampy & less moody than I usually am during this time, However, I am really struggling to make it through the weekend without any sweet treats! I’m not sure if that is related to my cycle, or what! It all sounds so tempting until I think about how it would make my feel!

Here are some pics of some recent 21 day sugar detox approved meals we’ve had:


So so good salmon with broccoli and rosemary squash


Bacon, Egg & kale brekkie bowl!


Last night’s post-run NOM feast! Chicken with kalamata olive salad & cauliflower no-potato salad!


and a side of homemade gingery butternut squash soup! It’s a shame butternut squash is something I’m supposed to be limiting (1 cup per day is allowed) because this soup is SO good.

I’m going to continue to keep you guys updated, but today is going to be a short one.

Much love & good vibes-


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