21 Day Sugar Detox: My Last Day :)

Whipped up an omelet with orange bell peppers, onions, turkey, swiss chard with a side of my freshly fermented ginger kraut! For those of you that have  been following, today is my LAST official day of the 21 Day sugar detox. It’s exciting because at this point I am not dying for sweets. I am ready to keep this ball rolling and keep as much sugar away as possible.


This detox has helped me keep my blood sugar in check aka no blood sugar roller coaster/ no crashes! I have ENERGY (I don’t think I have felt this spunky & great since high school, maybe earlier?),it has helped improve my MOOD ( and good-bye brain fog!!) my skin, and has helped keep my motivated to exercise! Aside from all that, it has also helped push and challenge myself to do other things in my life that I either doubted or stayed away from out of fear, over thinking or pure procrastination. But when you eat better, you really do feel better and for me that has been enough to get me going. And like they say “Fear robs us of our freedom”, so true.

These days I don’t think I’m ready to indulge (even the slightest) because I know how dangerous and vicious the cycle is and how my body reacts to sugar; it really just blows me away. My hope is to continue eating healthy and being mindful of all the crap sugar that is added into everything. My goal is to keep challenging myself to take action and do the things I really want & keep moving forward! My goal is  to get my kids involved and show them how to eat healthy and stay active. My goal is to keep trying to do my best even though my best may change from time to time and to waste no time if there are hang ups: My goal is to allow myself to be the best version of myself possible. ❤

I thought I felt good BEFORE this detox, but boy was I outta touch on that. I realize that cutting out all added sugars, grains, etc has really made a WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE FOR ME!

Todays lunch:


Easy salad with mixed greens, radishes, carrots, turkey and kalamata olives. I used a wedge of lemon for the dressing and added some salt and pepper, too.



I made another turkey bake but this time it was full of swiss chard, onions, garlic, radishes, cabbage, yellow bell peppers and seasoned with cumin, freshly grated ginger and salt & pepper. So GOOD! I can see myself continuing to make different variations of this dish on a weekly basis. It’s just THAT good.

If I get the chance I will update tonight with more pics and thoughts on my last day, as for now, see y’all later!

Thank you for stopping by and for the encouraging words and love you all have sent my way! It truly means a lot! ❤

Have a beautiful day!

Much love,


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