Family, Fun, Food & Running

The last weekend in January we hosted our very first Primal Potluck! We invited some friends and enjoyed catching up & sharing our dishes!


We had delicious cabbage wraps with sausage and egg, bacon wrapped dates, sausage, balsamic glazed eggplant, crimson crab apples, dijon turkey hash with swiss chard and radishes, armadillo eggs,roasted cauliflower, triple B (roasted broccoli, bacon and brussel sprouts a fruit tray, pesto spaghetti squash, asian pear guacamole served with plantain chips, roasted pistachio chiggiolo beets (not pictured), buffalo chicken muffins (also not pictured) made with egg, date balls, squash casserole, Trox’s amazing cauliflower crust pizza with prosciutto, maters and secret sauce! LOL. I’m really not sure what his recipe is, but I know that everyone is dying to know! Being the pizza lover I am it’s a pretty big deal to have been able to enjoy a healthy slice!


We even had three different growlers full of kombucha. Two from Buddhas Brew : “Basil Honey Ginger” & their seasonal “Beet Carrot” ( that one was a HIT!) We also had a taste of Kosmic Kombucha’s “Cherry Bomb” on hand.

We were in good company and it was nice to be able to get together & share some healthy goodness! Everything was delicious and I look forward to organizing another potluck in the near future!

On another note, we’ve been keeping very busy in these parts. The sugar detox may have ended but I have been trying my best to avoid sugar and I think I’ve done pretty well. I’ve managed to avoid all processed sugars and keep my sweet fix focused on fresh organic fruits. I 1-3 pieces a day depending on whether or not I ran that day. Bananas and running are like peanut butter and jelly, ya’lI!

I did however try my first taste of some organic 87% dark chocolate and you know what? It made me feel horrid. Aside from feeling the same symptoms I get when I drink coffee (another no no for me) I felt anxious and sick to my stomach. I thought I would miss chocolate, but I think I’m over it. I didn’t even eat half a bar, maybe 4-5 small pieces!

Day by day I am still amazed at how much my palate has changed and how I’m easily able to recognize the foods that are wearing me down, sugar typically being the culprit.

So what have I been doing?

Running, running and more running. I’m no marathon runner but I’ve gone from no running to avg. of 13 miles a week! I think that other than my short time in junior high running XC, and about 20 years of soccer, this is the most active I’ve been in years.  I’m trying to get my kids involved, too. The oldest started riding his bike on my runs and it’s helped my pick up my pace a bit. We’ve also been adventuring down to Austin a lot lately and recently ate at two very wonderful restaurant worth raving about!

The 24 Diner. This place is the bee’s knees if you are looking for a fresh bite to eat with clean ingredients! They offer local, farm-to-table and organic produce whenever possible and quality food prepared immaculately. They offer grass-fed options, too!

I got a big, bad chopped salad full of protein & goodies:


and the hubster got a grassfed dog with all the fixings & cilantro potato salad:


Gluten free & he seemed to really like it!

The past weekend we ventured off to Austin once more to take the kids to Mt. Playmore & we made sure to swing by the popular Galaxy Cafe before hitting the road home! This place has a nice relaxing family friendly ambiance & is absolutely delicious! Not to mention, fair priced considering the quality of everything they serve! They also offer gluten free options 🙂


I made a little collage of our weekend adventure with romanesco road snacks, Mt. Playmore funsies, tree climbing at Central Market’s outdoor dining, and my tomato basil and balsamic chicken wrapped in prosciutto and veggies, my first 4+ mile run in forever and some homemade goodies.


Strawberry & kale salad with top notch bleu cheese, cabbage, sausage and 18 year aged balsamic glaze.. you could probably say I love a good balsamic vinegar! I am not a big dairy eater, but I’ll make the exception for some good bleu cheese most of the time! 😉


The hubby made some sauteed curry cashew chicken tonight and it was the! Seconds are calling my name, actually!! 🙂


Hopefully we can keep this ball running and encourage one another as a family to get out there and get active!


It all starts with action. So, get ready, set, GO!


I hope you guys are having fun experimenting with new healthy recipes in the kitchen and are doing what makes your body feel it’s best! Thank you guys for your encouraging words and love & much love and light right back at ya!



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