Support Breastfeeding with Sticky T’s!


Recently, we had the pleasure of trying out a few super comfy tees from Sticky T’s and we are VERY impressed for many reasons!

First off, our items shipped fast and arrived nicely packaged and perfectly wrapped and ready for gifting. It’s little things like this that get this mama excited! Pretty mail is always happy mail in my book!

Inside, our order!


We got the orange “Nerdling” tee for baby Lu!


Sticky T’s only prints on American Apparel tees using eco-friendly water- based inks which we LOVE! The design is adorable and I have one happy, comfy babe!


Who is always on the go these days! This tee retails for  $15.99!


And I found this gem of a tee as well! My youngest boy (pictured above) will be turning 2 years old soon and we’ll be celebrating 2 years of nursing as well. It’s a bittersweet occasion because I know breastfeeding is starting to wind down, but I know the bond and love shared will always be there! With that being said,  I couldn’t think of a better way to share support to other women/mothers and celebrate our accomplishment than stopping by Sticky T’s a letting them print me up one of their top sellers: Breastfeeding Love tee!


This tee is a message to you: Enjoy your bonding experience, enjoy those late night feedings, endure the struggle, keep moving forward and watching your little one grow!

This tee is an expression of a lot of hard work and dedication and LOVE. I know the struggle of breastfeeding and experienced it first hand with my two older boys, and I’m also aware of the many complications that prevent women from nursing, so I am again , very GRATEFUL. It has been an unforgettable experience and I am VERY stoked to wear my new tee! Thank you SO much Sticky T’s! Thank you for supporting breastfeeding, and for making nice tee’s for us all! This tee retails for $17.99

Here is a few more awesome items from Sticky T’s:



(baby & kids sized!)


And adult sizes, with many color options, all ready to ship!

To see more from Sticky T’s click here to see their shop and be sure to swing by their Facebook page and instagram @stickyt’s to get the scoop on new items, sales & more! When ordering be sure to enter the code :    LOTUSBEFREE  for FREE shipping! Thank you, Sticky T’s!

Much Love & happy breastfeeding!



Brandi & LU

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