Man Cub & Other Whimsical & Edgy Bohemian Finds by Pine Torch!


We recently found one of the cutest shops on Etsy {hands down} and I have been waiting SO patiently for this rain to pass so I could show off Lu’s new shirt from them!


It’s the super adorbs, ever whimsical

tee from Pine Torch! Something I also wanted to mention {or brag, rather} is the packaging of this shirt! It came in a drawstring pouch with golden leaf embellishments, care instructions and the whole she-bang! I absolutely love all of the details and care put into their packaging! A+!!!


The Pine Torch was inspired an excerpt from an ancient poem, written by the poet Catulus:

Bind thy brows with the flowers /
Beat the ground with thy feet /
Shake with thy hand the pine torch /

Essentially, it inspires them to live whimsically, passionately, and blaze a trail for others.I couldn’t agree more when they say, ” Let’s start our trailblazers young!”


This shirt is just TOO cute! From the hip font to the super soft raglan tee, we’re definitely a fan and couldn’t have picked a more fitting short for our boy, Lu! He is SUCH a little man!

It’s the PERFECT shirt for photoshoots, birthday parties, school, or just for your little trailblazer.

This makes for a memorable birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just a fun gift for your own trend-setting, edgy/styling baby! It also comes printed on onesies, you guys!


All of The Pine Torch items are completely custom designed by hand from start to finish—from brainstorming to wrapping—owner & operator Mariana sources ideas everywhere she goes and then designs them in either Illustrator/Photoshop. Next, the designs are carefully cut, trimmed, and heat pressed onto the garment using a professional grade heat press. Even the tags are hand cut, hand inked, and finished with boutique ribbon for a truly over-the-top experience. Each item from The Pine Torch is truly handmade and created with love!

Here are a few {among the MANY} favorites of our from Pine Torch:




Perfect for Father’s day:





Mama’s little pumpling… I mean, seriously! How Adorable!!



and make it extra special with Pine Torch’s customized giftset option for just $5! You get a cute card & drawstring bag!


So whether you have a man cub of your own or are looking for a sweet baby announcement, birthday tee, or something tribal/boho inspired, Pine Torch has got you covered!

To see more from Pine Torch click here and be sure to take advantage of free shipping off $50 or more for memorial day, just use code: STRIPES15!

Much love-


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