Organic Tees with Love and Whole Lot of Aloha!


Amy Of Sugar Dove Designs is a screen printer, graphic artist, illustrator, happy wife, baker &caffeine addict. All of her creations are all designed and hand screen-printed herself, and I must admit, we’re hooked!We found her shop about a month ago and fell in love with her designs, especially the “Peace, Love, Veggies” Tee.

Inspired by color, stark edges, comic books, animals, plants, the tales of Kurt Vonnegut, halftones, vintage illustrations, the weird, the mysterious, the common, and textures and patterns she sees in her everyday life

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ― W.B. Yeats

We asked Amy & she said to us, “The meaning of sugar dove to me, is “sweet peace”. It combines my love of baking and my love of screen printing. All my designs deliver a super happy, upbeat and positive message. I feel that with all the sarcasm, suffering and sad things in the world, my one and only goal is to make the world a brighter place and to make people smile. She uses both color and quirky drawings as well as fonts to evoke feelings of love and happiness. Amy also always makes sure her kids tees would work for a boy or a girl. When she started screen printing it was right around the time of her niece’s birth. She wanted to buy her a gift  it seemed all girls clothing to be so gender specific. What if every girl didn’t want to wear pink and be a princess and every boy didn’t want to wear blue and play sports? Variation is the spice of life! And it was then that Amy decided to print her own line of children’s clothing for people who felt the same.

Born in New Jersey, Amy attended Monmouth University where she studied Fine Art, printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture. She graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art, with my focus on printmaking. After college, Amy moved to Boston, Mass where she worked at a busy screen printing shop and learned all the tricks of the trade of screen printing. In 2011, at the age of 25, Amy decided to quit and start her own tee shirt business. It was then that she discovered Etsy and opened my own shop. The New England winters got to be too harsh, and in search of sunshine, Hawaii became her new home & she was inspired by the “aloha spirit” and fell in love with the beauty, colors, philosophies and laid back lifestyle of the islands. It was there that she met and married the love of her life. Amy and her love have moved away from the islands and are currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida, but the aloha spirit is still with them and continues inspires her in her artwork.

Sugar Dove Designs top sellers are the shadow puppet series
Amy designed these tees to help little ones learning their ABC’s 🙂


Like I mention earlier, she had us at “Peace, Love and Veggies”!





This tee is not only super cute,but it’s very soft, too! We need soft in our life! It is hand silk screened with eco (and child) friendly water based ink. This incredibly soft, beautifully printed tee is 100% Organic Cotton & made by Anvil.

We thought the shirt we picked out reflected Lu’s current stage well, as he is quite the veggie lovin’ boy at the moment. His current favs are salad with onions and a little dressing, beets and saurkraut. I hope to keep introducing more veggies and keep his palate on the right path, we’ll see how that goes 😉

If you want to see more by Sugar Dove designs be sure to visit Amy on instagram: @sugardovedesign as well as Facebook! 



These are just too cute for words, guys! Do yourself a favor and hop on over to Sugar Dove Designs Etsy to see the full shop!

Much Love XOXO-


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