I’m Busy Upregulating my Mitochondria



So much has been going on in my neck of the woods, I can hardly believe we are only into the second week in January! Boy, does time fly! This year I teamed up with a few pals after discovering Charity Miles & we decided to dedicate our runs to Autism Speaks for my oldest boy, Keegan! It’s been a good way to stay motivated in addition to joining a few other friends in a POUND class ( it’s working out, but with weighted drum sticks to fun, up beat music!) And beginning another 21 day sugar detox! And, that’s not even the half of it!




I’ve been trying to get in more HIIT (High intensity interval training) workouts in addition to eating a strict paleo diet (oh how grand the transition will be when I can have more fruit!) so I felt this rad tee by Caustic Threads was very fitting! It says “I’m busy upregulating my mitochondria” ! I’m transitioning from a sugar burning machine into a fat burning machine ( with a high protein, low-carb diet + HIIT to build mitochondria which then converts nutrients we eat into energy!

Without delving too deep into cellular biology, just understand that mitochondria are essential to our energy metabolism, and because of this, they play a very important role in fatty acid oxidation (fat loss). For fat loss to occur, fatty acids must be mobilized from fat stores and sent to mitochondria to be oxidized so that they can be used for energy.

I love this tee, and it couldn’t be any softer! I ordered mine a size up because I knew I would we working out in it & I don’t like to feel restricted when I’m in motion. Who does?

Here are some more goodies worth checking out from Caustic Threads:


This one is right up my 5 years old’s alley. Anything cars & he goes bonkers! Got a car lover? I think this one is for you!


Well, why yes, yes it is.




Beautiful Lotus design, Caustic Threads! We’re a fan! šŸ˜‰





Cute cupcake bottle opener!


AND, one of Caustic Threads newest additions, their Rottweiler tee!

One of my many things I like about Caustic Threads is that you aren’t going to find shirts like theirs anywhere else, and with super fast delivery and wonderful customer feedback, we will be visiting them in the near future!

Thank you, Caustic Threads!

Also, be a sport and check out Caustic Threads on Facebook and let Erica know we sent you!

***If you want to join us in a walk/run for team #keeganbear, we’d love to have you! Just head over to Charity Miles & sign up/ join our group. Be sure to click the Autism Speaks Charity! XOXO

Off to get my workout in,












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