Dandylion LOVE!

After a super LONG, but fun weekend well spent at the Mother Earth News fair, we spent Monday afternoon relaxing & tending to our herbs. I’m not sure about you, but there is nothing more relaxing than getting your hands dirty and showing your plant babies some love! I think my little dudes agree, especially my youngest who has mad love for our rosemary! In fact, Little Lu enjoys telling our guests all about it, and picking off a sprig or two for them to smell. ❤ This time, we kept the dandelion greens that took over the right portion of the raised bed and hope to marinate them overnight along with some italian dressing and honey as suggested by Rosemary Gladstar! I’m a little nervous about it, but we’ve never sprayed any chemicals on the organic plants in our bed, so all should be well! Bring on the bitters! I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it turns out!


Here we have some chives and lavender. These chives just keep on giving, y’all! And the lavender smells amazing even when it’s not flowering!


Lu was pretty excited about his new comfy tee we just got in the mail from Dandylions Boutique, and wanted to take a picture by his rosemary! If you aren’t familiar with Dandylions, I highly suggest taking a peek! It’s a one stop shop for hip tees and accessories, PLUS they have some pretty rad mama tees,too! I love the designs, and that the sizing it true to size AND most of all, they’re comfy! If your toddler is anything like mine, you know that comfort is key!


Here, check out some of my favorites:

I’m a huge fan of the “My boss calls me mom” 🙂

Which tee is your favorite? We would love to know!


To see more goodies and gifts click here & be sure to follow Dandylions Boutique on Facebook and Instagram!

Much love,




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