Beautiful Melody Designs


I admit, we like to have FUN with or clothing and when my first boy was born nearly nine years ago, I quickly learned that boys clothing just wasn’t as cute as girls. The patterns were all very similar, same goes for color combinations and sayings a like, ” handsome” & “mamas boy”!Now,  I’m NOT dogging either of those, heck my boys wore ’em, but I will say that I’ve been on the hunt for some change in the boy’s clothing dept ever since! AND, when I find the good ones, I enjoy  sharing them with you guys AND I especially love it when the items are handmade with love & inspired by music, love, peace, Mother Nature and healthy eats. Right up our alley, am I right?!

Block printed by hand in North Idaho using hand carved stamps, eco-friendly materials and a whole lot of LOVE, I want to introduce you guys to Beautiful Melody, whose clothing is intended to make a statement while getting people to think about what they can do to help make a brighter future for mankind and the Earth, this beautiful place we call home.

As you can imagine, we had to test out these tees, immediately! Little dude loved them, family loved them, and everywhere we went we got a smile, chuckle or sweet complement! ❤

They are beyond soft and wash well!  

Beautiful Melody is FULL of clothing that is ready to put a smile on your face & share that joy with others! Here is a peek at a few more items we adore:





( Totally going on my wishlist)



And SO much more, guys! To see more click here and be sure to swing by their Facebook to show them some lovin’!  And as always, I would love to know your favorite tee!

Also: When you purchase, don’t forget to leave a review for a chance to be entered into their monthly drawings for $25 shop credit! ❤





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