Staying Organized This Season with Interesting Interiors

I don’t know about you, but I typically like to start organizing BEFORE the holidays. Forget spring cleaning (well, not entirely, but you know..) and start EARLY. I like to start my new year with everything in place, or mostly in place, and without the burden of hoarding on to things that I no longer need. Since we just moved into our new home, there is a LOT of that, and I tend to nip that in the bud soon! In the meantime, we’ve been bagging up goodies to donate and this mama bear has been working hard to minimize what we no longer need, and organize the things we do! So, you know me.. (( This is me channeling my inner Marie Kondo. Does this spark joy?  “No….bye Felicia”. You get it.

With a little bit of free time I have, I LOVE browsing my favorites on Etsy, and a couple of weeks ago I came across this charging station. Mind you, I never thought I would need or want a charging station, but I started thinking about it and how beneficial it would be for us. I can use this station it to hold ( and charge ) multiple phones, and as a central location for remotes, which made the purchase quite warrented. If you know me, you know that I’m a gal that loves multi-use items and is constantly racking my brain for new ideas for old things. Multi-use is a must.

Plus,  I can’t be the only on who is tired of hearing (or asking) “Where is the remote?!”.


If you’ve got kiddos like me, this is even more of a win! The little dudes can easily hook of their DS, or tablet, without the worry of cords here and there. Everything is connected to a power strip and is ready to do its thing when need be. Yep, everything in one place makes my OCD heart extra happy.

The charging station is from Interesting Interiors and you can purchase your own custom station here. Be sure to check out more wonderful gifting goodies like these while your at it:

Serve up from holiday treats, or ring in the new year with this rustic serving tray:


Rustic mini bar anyone?



And another awesome charging station, because you simply CAN’T go wrong with turquoise ! 😉

Have a wonderful holiday season!





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