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Hello there! My name is Brandi and I’m a lover of all things colorful and bright. I have three wild babies and a handsome hubs and together we enjoy adventuring, seeking out local sweetness and handmade goodies.

I’m a true recipe hoarder, who loves to dive straight into a new craft project, and doodle mandalas to decompress.

I LOVE hiking and digging my feet into the dirt, gardening, and meeting new people. I believe sunshine is good medicine, but so are good friends and laughter. I believe that if you take the time to hear a person’s story, there is something to love. I’m also a believer in second chances, seeing the beauty in the small things, and that change is GOOD for the soul even if its hard!  I believe in supporting handmade, local and growing as a community. I believe it DOES take a village and I hope to create a little place that promotes just that! Everyone is welcome, so come say hi! 

Are you a company or organization interested in working together?
please feel free to e-mail me at

You can also find me on Twitter & Facebook.
You can also visit me on Etsy and NOW Instagram!!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Contact/About Me

  1. I love your philosophy! The creative part of life is the magic for me. It’s a God given gift you know Brandi, not everyone digs it! We are blessed!

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